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Tour planning is no easy task. Our tour consultants are talented and experienced at what they do. We are committed to using the best options available for our customers to meet their needs.

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We offer the following services


Safari in Tanzania mainland and island (Zanzibar)

Climbing and Trekking

Culture Visits

Wildlife Safaris

Walking Safaris

Night game drives

Gorilla trekking

Baloon Safaris

Honeymoon planning and arrangement

Beach holiday in Zanzibar and other coastal areas

Event planning and advisory service

Hotel bookings accommodation





Our Strength

Exellence in customer care

Strong commitment and trust with our team

Open communication

Effective travel advice

Easy to understand and accurate itineraries

Valuable price ration

Team work with regard to client wishes

Flexible and ready to accept changes

Responsible in tourism industry

Luxury, reliable, comfortable and high class transportation means.

Our Pride

We do it right from the first time.

Our dedicated staff may create a custom “tailor made” itinerary to meet your needs, and are always there waiting to assist you whenever you need assistance…



Below is a list of provided itenaries.